Alleyway Outdoor Seating

Alleyway Ice Cream, the world's smallest and hardest to find ice cream shop is the definition of hole in the wall. Our teeny-tiny shop is known for unconventionally delicious handmade ice cream. Located at the end of a narrow alley, we may be hard to find, but fantastic review after fantastic review shows that our ice cream is worth a special journey.

Our menu is a constantly changing mix of unconventional as well as classic flavors. A few of our current favorites are Ube Heath Bar Crunch, Miso Peach, Salted Caramel Ice Cream with Granny Smith Swirl, and Vegan Cold Brew Ice cream with Magic Donut Dust. We always offer Unlimited Free Samples to the curious and if it’s too hard to decide we’ll make you a picture-worthy Ice Cream Tasting Flight. Check our Instagram for the latest.