roasted strawberry ice cream

At Alleyway, our mission is to make the Catskill’s best ice cream. Alleyway Ice Cream is a place where all are genuinely appreciated. At our shop families bond, old friends build new memories and new friends become best friends. We continuously strive to be the happiest part of people’s day.

At Alleyway Ice Cream we:

  • Make the best ice cream we know how to make.

  • Show kindness, respect, and genuine appreciation.

  • Use fresh, ethically sourced, high-quality ingredients.

  • Take care of our customers.

  • Take care of our employees.

  • Continuously improve.

Alleyway Ice Cream is a small batch, handmade ice cream shop based in an alleyway in the village of Saugerties, in New York’s Catskill Mountains.